I Mary Queen of Scots: the Last days, John Paul
II The Gunpowder Plot, Francis Edwards
III The Trial and Execution of Mary Queen of Scots in Contemporary Literature, D. W. Thompson Vessey
IV The Non-Juring Bishops, J.R. Porter
V Lucius Cary, Viscount Falkland: Cavalier and Catalyst, John Tanner
VI Charles I and the Papacy, The Very Reverend Canon Gordon Albion
VII Mary Queen of Scots and the Historians, Antonia Fraser
VIII A Flower of Purpose: A memoir of Princess Elizabeth Stuart (1635-50), Susan Cole
IX Mary and Ridolfi: Design for Destruction, Francis Edwards
X The Poems of Mary Queen of Scots, Caroline Bingham
XI Elizabeth Cary, Lady Falkland, David Lunn
XII The Triumph of Time: Greene and Shakespeare on Mary Queen of Scots?, Margaret Hotine
XIII Shakespeare's Lament for Mary Queen of Scots?, Margaret Hotine
XIV Hereditary Monarchy in England, Patrick Morrah
XV The Cardinal of Norfolk: Philip Thomas Howard OP, Brocard Sewell O'Carm
XVI Sir Troilus Turberville: Captain-Lieutenant of the King's Life Guard (?1597-1645), Michael Foster
XVII The Stuart Papers at Windsor, by Marion F. Gain
XVIII Princess over the Water: A Memoir of Louise Marie Stuart (1692-1712), Susan Cole
XIX Relations between Mary Queen of Scots and her Son, King James VI of Scotland, Caroline Bingham
XX Major-General Sir John Digby: Peerlesse Champion and Mirrour of Perfect Chivalrie, Michael Foster
XXI The Influence of the Later Stuarts and their Supporters on French Royalism 1789-1840, Philip Mansel
XXII Montrose and Charles I: A Matter of Consistency, A.R. Williams
XXIII Sacredness of Majesty: The English Benedictines and the Cult of King James II, Geoffrey Scott
XXIV Royal Attributes: The Dress of Two Royal Cousins 1542-1587, Valerie Cummings
XV The Royal Hospital of St Bartholomew, Smithfield: Royalist, Non-Juring, Tory, High Church and Jacobite, Janet Foster, Richard Sharp and John A.H. Wylie
XXVI Red Queen vs. White: An Introduction to Schiller's Maria Stuart, Gloria Talbot Vessey
XXVII Lord Cornbury, Bolingbroke and a Plan to Restore the Stuarts, 1731-1735, Eveline Cruickshanks
XXVIII The Role of Jacobitism in the Modern World, Robert F.J. Parsons
XXIX Politics and Patronage under Elizabeth I and the Early Stuarts, Roger Lockyer
XXX Mary Queen of Scots a Hundred Years ago: almost a Saint or still a Sinner?, Francis Edwards
XXXI Unpopular Front: Jews, Radicals and Americans in the Jacobite World-View, Frank McLynn
XXXII Jacobitism and British Foreign Policy under the first two Georges, Jeremy Black
XXXIII Factionalism among the Exiles in France: the Case of Chevalier Ramsay and Bishop Atterbury, Pauline McLynn
XXXIV The 'Forty-five Re-examined, Jeremy Black
XXXV Deceptis Custodibus, or Liberty Lost - Liberty Regained, Gernot O. Gürtler
XXXVI Edward, Lord Griffin: The Story of a Jacobite, Anthony Fitzroy Griffin
XXXVII Religious Politics under Charles I and James II, Murray G.H. Pittock
XXXVIII Charles II's Foreign Policy, John Miller
XXXIX So Sweet a Star as Harry: A Consideration of Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales, 1594-1612, Susan Cole
XL Mary of Modena, Queen Consort of James II and VII, Janet Southorn
XLI Jacobitism and Liturgy in the Eighteenth-Century English Catholic Church: An Unlikely Marriage, Bennet Zon
XLII A Lover of the Sea and Skillful in Shipping: King Charles and his Navy, J.D. Davies
XLIII Catholicism and the Late Stuart Army: the Tangier Episode, J.C. Riley
XLIV Lord Rochester and the Hearthmoney Scandal of 1683, Ross Brodie
XLV The Oglethorpes: A Jacobite Family 1689-1760, Eveline Cruickshanks
XLVI The Glory of 1688, Ronald Hutton
XLVII The Cult of Charles II, Katherine Gibson
XLVIII The Social Composition of the Jacobite Army in Scotland in the Forty Five, Murray G.H. Pittock
XLIX Manchester and the '45: A Study of Jacobitism in Context, Roger Turner
L Religion and Royal Succession: The Rage of Party, Eveline Cruickshanks
LI James II and Toleration: The Years in Exile at Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Edward Corp
LII Charles I's Coronation Visit to Scotland in 1633, Christian, Lady Hesketh
LIII Jacobite Imagery in Wales: Evidence of Political Activity?, Stephanie Jones
LIV Jacobite Glass: Its Place in History, Geoffrey B Seddon
LV A Digest of the Jacobite Clubs, Peter Lole
LVI 'To Overthrow all the Kingdom': The Later Political Career of George Villiers, Second Duke of Buckingham, Alan Hobson
LVII 'Our Church': Nonjurors, High Churchmen and the Church of England, Richard Sharp
LVIII King Charles I: A Renaissance Collector?, Arthur MacGregor
LIX James III in Bologna: An Illustrated Story, Maurizio Ascari
LX An Army in Exile: Louis XIV and the Irish Forces of James II in France, 1691-1698, Guy Rowlands
LXI The Case of General Sir John O'Sullivan Beare or From the Tribulations of a Wild Goose to the Difficulties of Celto-Celtic Understanding, Michael Scott
LXII Charles XII of Sweden and the Jacobites, Niall MacKenzie
LXIII Sir John Coxe Hippisley, Cardinal Erskine and Cardinal York, Dom Aidan.
LXIV Mary Queen of Scots and Mary Antoinette: Two queens or one, Antonia Fraser
LXV The House of Liechtenstein : A study of monarchy, David Beattie
LXVI Charles II and the founding of the Royal Society,
Sir John Enderby CBE, FRS

From Whig to Jacobite: Theophilus Hastings, seventh Earl of Huntingdon (1650-1701), Alan Hobson


Robert Cecil and the Stuart Monarchy, Pauline Croft

LXIX Mary Stuart and the Failure of the Darnley Marriage, John Guy
LXX Lord Nithsdale's escape: a Catholic cavalier at Preston and after, James Bogle
LXXI Nathaniel Spinckes and the Non-Juring Church, Roger Davies
LXXII Jacobitism in eighteenth century English schools and colleges, Jonathan Oates
LXXIII The Kennington Martyrs, Steven Robb
LXXIV Jacobite and Anti-Jacobite Medals, Michael Sharp



Royal Stuart Journal Number 1, 2009
Managing Heritage: The Culloden Battlefield Memorial Project, Christopher Duffy

The Last Great Jacobite Councils in England (1750 and 1752), Victoria Thorpe

Royal Stuart Journal Number 2, 2010
Roger A. Mason, Lineage and Legitimacy: Mary Queen of Scots and the Stewart Inheritance

Aldina Sievers, The nomination of Irish bishops under James III

Richard Sharp, A Jacobite Invitation of 1779

Royal Stuart Journal Number 3, 2011
Lorraine Madway, Charles II and Royal Reshaping of Ancient British History

Royal Stuart Journal Number 4, 2013
Alexander Pope: ’Running my country:’ or renting to stay? by Howard Erskine-Hill

Urie Castle ’Harlequin’ Portrait of Prince Charles Edward Stuart by Victoria Thorpe

Obituary, Michael Sharp FSAScot, FRN S by Victoria Thorpe

Royal Stuart Journal Number 5, 2014.
Anna of Denmark, Queen Consort of James VI, by Maureen Meikle

"Secretary Lethington" The Life and Times of Sir William Maitland of Lethington by Ian Maitland, 18th Earl of Lauderdale
John Belasyse, first Baron Balasyse of Worlaby by Stelios Rigopoulos
Together with book reviews and obituaries.

Royal Stuart Journal Number 6, 2015.
The Glencairn Uprising of 1653-1654 by Helen Baker

James Radclyffe, 3rd Earl of Derwentwater (1689-1716) by Stelios Rigopolous