Welcome to the website of The Royal Stuart Society. Founded in 1926, we are the senior monarchist organisation in the United Kingdom.

We are a monarchist and traditionalist organisation whose basis is defined in our objectives which are:

  • to be open to all who have an interest in the members of the Royal House of Stuart, their descendants and supporters
  • to promote research in and further knowledge of Stuart history
  • to uphold rightful Monarchy and oppose republicanism
  • to arrange such commemorations, lectures and other activities as shall advance these objects.

The Society was founded Captain Henry Stuart Wheatly-Crowe and the representatives of organisations such the Royalist Association and various almost defunct or moribund Jacobite bodies. Due to this, we can be regarded in many ways as a successor and continuation of these bodies. Lionel Erskine-Young, the 28th Earl of Mar (1891–1965) and Reginald Lindesay-Bethune, the 12th Earl of Lindsay (1867–1939) were also instrumental in setting up the Society and did much work in the early years.

The society organises various annual and occasional events to commemorate the major anniversaries of Stuart and Royalist interest. Details of these are posted on the website and in the Newsletter which is sent to members.